About us

The world is becoming a scary place, and we know many people have lost their jobs (one of us has, at least). We want to better connect those people who were recently laid off (or are now in market for whatever reason) with employers that are still hiring.

Many projects have launched to help laid off employees since COVID-19 took off, but one thing stood out: these tools were not as helpful to recruiters as they needed to be.

That's why we made TALNT. We wanted to make something more curated and useful for recruiters and hiring managers so that they actually use the thing.

This isn't intended to be a money making endeavor, but we'll eventually need to pay the bills to keep the lights on here. For now, we simply hope this helps the tech community.

TALNT is a weekend project created by Scott Hanford, and Nick Meehan, with some help from several others. If you have feedback or want to contribute, please reach out! Thank you for your support :).